Welcome! To PLANET YOU!




Planet You is an innovative new series of videos targeted at kids aged 6 to 14. Each video is under 10 minutes in length and covers a topic relevant to today's youth market.


Planet You's focus is on empowering kids by not only providing an unbiased overview of the facts but by also giving them the tools to help facilitate change.


Season One is in recording! We've done some exciting interviews and work with groups like Taronga Zoo, Mission Australia, Sea Shepherd, Wildlife Warriors, Project 18 and the Leukemia Foundation. To date we've raised over $40,000!!


Hi we're Ailish & Ash and we're The YOU CREW! Why are we you? Because we're just like you, we're normal every day kids! We go to school, we play sports, we love music, eating, hanging out with our friends and, sometimes, just sleeping. We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference in the world, so we've got our capes on, our undies on the outside and we're ready to find the answers to saving the world!


NEWS FLASH!Ailish Bolt & Ash Ogilvie are Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards Winners

Ailish and Ash have been announced as joint winners of the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards - Young Citizen of the Year!!


The Planet You presenters were presented with the award by Mayor Bob Abbot at a ceremony on the Sunshine Coast recognising some to the Coast's greatest achievers.


Ash was humble in accepting the award, offering encouragement and congratulations to all the other nominees.


"What you all do is great," he said, "keep up the great work!"




 Sneak Peek


While working on our episode on Global Warming we had the absolute honour of interviewing a living legend! Is Global Warming even real? If it is, what can we possibly do about it?? Have a sneak peek at what Dr Karl has to say!





Since launching Planet You, we've been quite frequently side-tracked by the business of raising money for people who need it! This means the series has taken us a LOT longer to produce than we originally hoped it would. We're sorry for the delay and we hope you understand but here's a list to give you an idea what our fundraising has achieved:

  • $16,000 to Foundation 18, Indonesia - to help build a classroom and purchase computers
  • $10,000 to Wildlife Warriors & the Wildlife Hospital through Joey Ambassadors & our Wildlife Conservation Fund
  • $5,500 in micro-loans made through joinFITE to women in developing countries
  • $2,000 to Mission Australia's homeless services
  • $4,500 to the Leukemia Foundation through the World's Greatest Shave
  • Over $1,500 to Borneo Orangutan Survival and Orangutan Land Trust through donations and Orangutan sponsorship
  • Over $500 to World Vision through child sponsporship and the 40 Hour Famine