Childhood Cancer


As part of our episode on Childhood Cancer we had the honour of interviewing Dainere Anthoney, an inspiring young person who has written a book about her struggle with a rare and aggressive form of brain tumor called Medulloblastoma.


As part of our fundraising for this episode we thought it would be great if we can get Dainere's book into every school library across Australia, and in the process raise a stack of cash for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation Brain Tumor Fund. The money will be used to fund research into finding a cure for this condition.


Here is a sneak peak at our interview with Dainere.



OK, so what can I do about it??





Valuable Lesson:


Kid's with cancer are still the same kids they were before they got cancer. They still need your friendship and someone to talk to. Usually they don't mind if you ask questions about their condition but they do get lonely because sometimes people don't speak to them because they don't know what to say.