Did you know that there are over 105,000 homeless people in Australia? Neither did we! As part of our episode on homelessness we took part in some fundraising events for Mission Australia.


Winter Sleepout:

We braved the elements last year for Winter Sleepout raising over $700 for Mission Australia and, guess what?? We're crazy enough to do it again! Why don't you join our team and help us fundraising!


Hush for Homelessness

Probably the greatest challenge for Asho EVER was having to be quiet for a whole hour! Hush for Homelessness demonstrates how the homeless often have no voice in society. Planet You raised nearly $300 for Mission Australia's homeless services.


OK, so what can I do about it??


Valuable Lesson:

Homelessness can happen to anyone. Don't be scared of homeless people, they're just like you and I.




Bailey sleeping rough for 2010 Sleepout.